With a growing number of overseas Filipino families, the Filipino diaspora has become a multi-cultural community spread out across the globe. However raising Filipino children away from the homeland can be a challenge to many of these families. Parents often struggle to find the perfect exposure to the Filipino culture and language for their children that complements their new home.

We are a group of young Filipina mothers based in Switzerland who celebrate our Pinoy heritage with our children through language and play. A few of us spent our childhood in the urban jungle of Metro Manila, and a few of us grew up abroad as second generation expat children ourselves. But one thing we all have in common is our love for our Filipino heritage and cannot imagine raising our children without sharing it with them.

From teaching children about all kinds of kakanin to sharing stories about Philippine mythological creatures mga Halimaw, we want Filipino children of the diaspora to glimpse the colorful world of Pinoy culture through the window of Kuwentuhang Sabado. Through our storytelling playgroup, we hope to grow a community of Swiss-Filipino families across the country who take joy in celebrating the Filipino culture by sharing Filipino stories, songs, games, and arts and crafts, hoping to ingrain a sound Filipino identity in harmony with their Swiss one.

Join us in building our Kuwentuhang Sabado community, check out our blog here.