1.) Virtual Kuwentuhang Sabado via Zoom

participants from all over Europe and the Philippines

Ever since lockdowns were put in place all over the world, in the fight against the coronavirus, we have begun holding regular KS sessions virtually via Zoom. This has become a vital means of reaching our regular participants locally in Switzerland and also breaking barriers and reaching other interested families all over the world!

The launch of Virtual KS sessions have brought together families who believe in our cause despite living in different regions and timezones. Your contributions will allow us to continue holding regular sessions virtually, bringing Filipino families together for singing, storytelling, and group activities.

Check out our blog about our virual KS sessions in the time of Corona.

2.) Kuwentuhang Sabado Sessions


Our ongoing main project is to be able to continue holding regular sessions in Zurich.

But to accommodate interested families and children elsewhere throughout the country, we hope to introduce “Pop-up KS” Sessions that can be hosted anywhere, even on mountain tops or forests! Check out our very first “Pop-up KS” in Zermatt in February 2018!

Our collections from members and interested participants are aimed at covering running expenses necessary to pay for rentals and materials for each KS Session.

As a member of Kuwentuhang Sabado, families will benefit from reduced-rates when joining our KS Sessions. Check out our current rates here.

We also welcome interested members who are fluent in Tagalog that are interested in helping us facilitate the regular KS Sessions. We’d love to expand our ideas for fun activities for our KS Session, so if you’re interested in joining our facilitator’s team, please let us know!

Check out our schedule here.

3.) Maletaklatan


Coined from the words Maleta and Aklatan, Maletaklatan is a project of Kuwentuhang Sabado that began small in 2017 as we started collecting Filipino stories and books to help build an in-house library for Kuwentuhang Sabado.

Because of our growing community in Zürich, the Maletaklatan is currently stationed in our location there at Zentrum ECLH Accu in Oerlikon. With a current collection of about 50 Filipino children’s books, KS children are able to borrow and enjoy Filipino stories at home with their parents. We hope to continue building our KS library and may be one day also extend our library services to other children outside of Zürich.

A donation of 5ChF is enough to buy one Filipino children’s book. Donors who would like to be acknowledged may indicate their names upon transferring their donation into the club’s funds and we will dedicate the equivalent number of books that your donation has allowed us!

We are looking for donors to help us build this library. Any amount is welcome, as we will use the funds to build our Maletaklatan from scratch, that includes the aklat and the maleta that they will come in!

In this way, KS children can have a their own Filipino Library in Switzerland and simply borrow from our Maletaklatan!

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here.