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A Happy Start September 2018


On the morning of Saturday, September 8, 2018, we enjoyed a fun kick-off into our 3rd KS school year at Zentrum ELCH in Oerlikon. After listening to the story of Prinsipeng Malungkot (the ‘Sad Prince’) and singing our familiar songs, our teacher animated us to go outside and do a multi-phase parcours.




We raced across the whole length of Zentrum ELCH’s backyard, went down the slide, turned on the spinning wheel and took turns on the swing.


What a fun activity! We enjoyed our time with our bigger KS friends along with some little playmates, some of whom just recently joined the group.


After having spent all our energy and taking in some of the last rays of the summer’s sun, we headed back inside to take our meryenda that our moms brought for all of us, including a Filipino favorite: cassava cake! We also had a chance to leaf through the newest additions to our suitcase library, cleverly named “Maletaklatan”, which carries books that any of us can borrow and take home to read with our moms and dads. We’ll just make sure to bring these along for the next KS session so others get to read them, too.


Once reading, play and meryenda time were over, some of us continued to Seebach, where we had a typical Filipino lunch together and made some new friends. Hopefully, they too will join our upcoming KS sessions so that we get to listen to Filipino stories, sing songs and play together as the school year goes on. Our teachers have already prepared some fun-packed and exciting activities for us throughout the school year of 2018/2019. We hope you’ll come along and join the fun!


a traveling Swiss-Filipino playgroup

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